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Nutraceutico Foods has developed a range of Gluten Free Mixes that are ideal for any bakery, whilst still allowing flexibility to the baker to give their own personal touch.Gluten Free Bread


Gluten Free Bread

Our Gluten Free Bread is a NEW product to this range and has been well received by many bakeries. The mix is simple, however allows for the baker to add their own personal touch i.e. some colour or pumpkin seeds.

Pack Sizes: 5kg/25kg

Shelf life: 6 months 



Assorted Gluten Free MuffinsGluten Free Muffins

We have a great muffin premix, which comes in three flavours, namely; vanilla, chocolate, and savoury.

Tips for the baker:

Vanilla Muffins - add a few blueberries and strawberries to make a great berry muffin

Chocolate Muffins - try out some white or belgian chocolate

Savoury Muffins - add your own personal touch with some spinach and feta

Pack Sizes: 5kg/25kg

Shelf life: 6 months                                                       



Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Cake

Our cake mixes are incredibly easy to make. They are ideal for bakeries that need to optimise their operating effeciency. There are two basic flavours, namely; chocolate and vanilla. The mixes are mixed with either water or buttermilk to give for a smoother finish.

Pack Sizes: 5kg/25kg

Shelf life: 6 months



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