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There are some many people who suffer from Diabetes in the world today, yet the availability of Diabetic Cakes, Diabetic Muffins, Diabetic Soft Serve & Ice Cream is so scarce. Our founder, John Bothma who is diabetic himself, has spent years developing this great range of diabetic products.

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The range consists of:

Diabetic Cake

Our diabetic cake mixes are simple and easy to make. Each order is supplied with a unique recipe, as well as recommendations for icing. We can also supply a basic icing base to our customers.

Flavours: Vanilla & ChocolateDiabetic Cake

Shelf life: 6 months

Recommendations to the baker: Try add in a few nuts to add your personal touch



Diabetic Muffins

The diabetic muffins are similiar to the cakes, and are also simple to make. We leave the finishing touches to our clients - as they like to add their own berries or belgian chocolate.

Flavours: Vanilla & Chocolate

Shelf life: 6 months


Soft Serve

 Diabetic Soft Serve & Ice Cream

Through years of experience, we have developed and extensive range of both diabetic soft serve and diabetic ice cream. The soft serve is simply added to warm water, mixed, and then poured into your soft serve machine. The ice cream is added to pasteurised milk, mixed and then added into your batch freezer. We can also help source soft serve machines, and batch freezers.

Flavours: Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana (yellow or white), bubblegum (pink or blue), cherry, condensed milk, gold caramel, hazelnut, mint, passion fruit, pistachio, swiss chocolate, white chocolate, yoghurt (see yoghurt products information), peach, pineapple. (Other flavours available on request)

Shelf life: 1 year (stored at room temperature)

Packaging: 1 Box (12 x 2kg)


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